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Gene ENSMUSG00000056155 (Nanos3)
Chromosomal location
Chr 8: 86697632 - 86700451 (-)
nanos homolog 3 (Drosophila) Gene [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:2675387]
Human Ortholog
ENSG00000187556 (NANOS3)
Omim not available
UniTrap UNI13957
Vector Insertion
Chr 8: 86697872 - 86699961
Public Clones CMHD-GT_151D3-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_107C6-5S (cmhd) CMHD-GT_492D3-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_107C6-3 (cmhd)
CMHD-GT_513B10-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_434A12-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_455B5-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_159A11-3 (cmhd)
CMHD-GT_97E7-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_466A2-3 (cmhd) PSTVUpb19c2 (vanderbilt) IST14858D8 (tigm)
IST14234B11 (tigm)
Private Clones OST471290 (lexicon) OST469894 (lexicon) OST467234 (lexicon) OST466816 (lexicon)
OST465943 (lexicon) OST462357 (lexicon) OST462261 (lexicon) OST461316 (lexicon)
OST460445 (lexicon) OST460280 (lexicon) OST456038 (lexicon) OST453795 (lexicon)
OST448779 (lexicon) OST446676 (lexicon) OST443042 (lexicon) OST437806 (lexicon)
OST430836 (lexicon) OST430835 (lexicon) OST430834 (lexicon) OST428131 (lexicon)
OST421036 (lexicon) OST420562 (lexicon) OST418500 (lexicon) OST418114 (lexicon)
OST416319 (lexicon) OST411114 (lexicon) OST402957 (lexicon) OST401354 (lexicon)
OST389664 (lexicon) OST384474 (lexicon) OST383219 (lexicon) OST378400 (lexicon)
OST378121 (lexicon) OST377857 (lexicon) OST375801 (lexicon) OST373977 (lexicon)
OST371363 (lexicon) OST367892 (lexicon) OST366825 (lexicon) OST366821 (lexicon)
OST360062 (lexicon) OST360060 (lexicon) OST356643 (lexicon) OST356634 (lexicon)
OST354505 (lexicon) OST349979 (lexicon) OST349943 (lexicon) OST347328 (lexicon)
OST342018 (lexicon) OST339983 (lexicon) OST334211 (lexicon) OST329587 (lexicon)
OST329069 (lexicon) OST328556 (lexicon) OST326720 (lexicon) OST324060 (lexicon)
OST323613 (lexicon) OST319481 (lexicon) OST317351 (lexicon) OST317342 (lexicon)
OST315729 (lexicon) OST314976 (lexicon) OST312314 (lexicon) OST309305 (lexicon)
OST308883 (lexicon) OST305159 (lexicon) OST304406 (lexicon) OST303665 (lexicon)
OST303058 (lexicon) OST301922 (lexicon) OST300660 (lexicon) OST300382 (lexicon)
OST298413 (lexicon) OST298005 (lexicon) OST297366 (lexicon) OST296688 (lexicon)
OST296167 (lexicon) OST294866 (lexicon) OST294701 (lexicon) OST292835 (lexicon)
OST289653 (lexicon) OST283049 (lexicon) OST281946 (lexicon) OST281478 (lexicon)
OST281264 (lexicon) OST280923 (lexicon) OST278190 (lexicon) OST276649 (lexicon)
OST274050 (lexicon) OST273954 (lexicon) OST272267 (lexicon) OST272112 (lexicon)
OST269387 (lexicon) OST267979 (lexicon) OST267916 (lexicon) OST267695 (lexicon)
OST267644 (lexicon) OST266494 (lexicon) OST264017 (lexicon) OST263018 (lexicon)
OST261294 (lexicon) OST256738 (lexicon) OST253285 (lexicon) OST253270 (lexicon)
OST251055 (lexicon) OST242404 (lexicon) OST235642 (lexicon) OST234091 (lexicon)
OST232953 (lexicon) OST230042 (lexicon) OST225088 (lexicon) OST224458 (lexicon)
OST224320 (lexicon) OST224008 (lexicon) OST223835 (lexicon) OST223796 (lexicon)
OST223146 (lexicon) OST223044 (lexicon) OST222819 (lexicon) OST222148 (lexicon)
OST221798 (lexicon) OST221692 (lexicon) OST221609 (lexicon) OST221444 (lexicon)
OST221438 (lexicon) OST221034 (lexicon) OST221020 (lexicon) OST220942 (lexicon)
OST220901 (lexicon) OST220892 (lexicon) OST220873 (lexicon) OST220807 (lexicon)
OST220795 (lexicon) OST220681 (lexicon) OST220423 (lexicon) OST220374 (lexicon)
OST215098 (lexicon) OST214175 (lexicon) OST209841 (lexicon) OST206510 (lexicon)
OST205785 (lexicon) OST205784 (lexicon) OST204996 (lexicon) OST202174 (lexicon)
OST200353 (lexicon) OST198849 (lexicon) OST195099 (lexicon) OST193912 (lexicon)
OST189215 (lexicon) OST188308 (lexicon) OST183020 (lexicon) OST180184 (lexicon)
OST179993 (lexicon) OST173523 (lexicon) OST173187 (lexicon) OST171213 (lexicon)
OST169061 (lexicon) OST167998 (lexicon) OST157391 (lexicon) OST141741 (lexicon)
OST141434 (lexicon) OST139817 (lexicon) OST139756 (lexicon) OST130870 (lexicon)
OST130494 (lexicon) OST128060 (lexicon) OST127416 (lexicon) OST127078 (lexicon)
OST126835 (lexicon) OST123169 (lexicon) OST115293 (lexicon) OST114178 (lexicon)
OST113702 (lexicon) OST112628 (lexicon) OST112595 (lexicon) OST112229 (lexicon)
OST110746 (lexicon) OST107297 (lexicon) OST107256 (lexicon) OST104685 (lexicon)
OST101604 (lexicon) OST100334 (lexicon) OST99143 (lexicon) OST99076 (lexicon)
OST97223 (lexicon) OST91615 (lexicon) OST90770 (lexicon) OST89299 (lexicon)
OST89291 (lexicon) OST86678 (lexicon) OST80139 (lexicon) OST79183 (lexicon)
OST78701 (lexicon) OST78176 (lexicon) OST77047 (lexicon) OST74542 (lexicon)
OST74224 (lexicon) OST74216 (lexicon) OST73963 (lexicon) OST73948 (lexicon)
OST73360 (lexicon) OST69036 (lexicon) OST69024 (lexicon) OST68791 (lexicon)
OST68324 (lexicon) OST68088 (lexicon) OST68076 (lexicon) OST65170 (lexicon)
OST62717 (lexicon) OST58832 (lexicon) OST58477 (lexicon) OST55179 (lexicon)
OST55004 (lexicon) OST55002 (lexicon) OST54736 (lexicon) OST53731 (lexicon)
OST51520 (lexicon) OST51445 (lexicon) OST50974 (lexicon) OST50734 (lexicon)
OST50732 (lexicon) OST47225 (lexicon) OST45135 (lexicon) OST45133 (lexicon)
OST42875 (lexicon) OST42812 (lexicon) OST41876 (lexicon) OST41864 (lexicon)
OST41560 (lexicon) OST41525 (lexicon) OST41092 (lexicon) OST39607 (lexicon)
OST39303 (lexicon) OST39147 (lexicon) OST37603 (lexicon) OST37007 (lexicon)
OST36607 (lexicon) OST36243 (lexicon) OST36232 (lexicon) OST35069 (lexicon)
OST34166 (lexicon) OST32900 (lexicon) OST32892 (lexicon) OST32449 (lexicon)
OST30861 (lexicon) OST30820 (lexicon) OST30787 (lexicon) OST30786 (lexicon)
OST30780 (lexicon) OST30758 (lexicon) OST30744 (lexicon) OST30741 (lexicon)
OST30733 (lexicon) OST30684 (lexicon) OST30678 (lexicon) OST30643 (lexicon)
OST30641 (lexicon) OST30587 (lexicon) OST30229 (lexicon) OST29629 (lexicon)
OST29606 (lexicon) OST29587 (lexicon) OST28931 (lexicon) OST23624 (lexicon)
OST23622 (lexicon) OST23617 (lexicon) OST21264 (lexicon) OST19387 (lexicon)
OST18832 (lexicon) OST18828 (lexicon) OST18756 (lexicon) OST18393 (lexicon)
OST17413 (lexicon) OST17377 (lexicon) OST16991 (lexicon) OST14778 (lexicon)
OST12571 (lexicon) OST8399 (lexicon) OST8249 (lexicon) OST7038 (lexicon)
OST6525 (lexicon)
Severity of mutation (?) Insertion after 88% of polypeptide chain
Proposed experimental design for vector insertion validation (?)

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