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Gene ENSMUSG00000073633 (Fbxo36)
Chromosomal location
Chr 1: 84836420 - 84897059 (+)
F-box protein 36 Gene [Source:MGI (curated);Acc:Fbxo36-001]
Human Ortholog
ENSG00000153832 (FBXO36)
Omim not available
UniTrap UNI13061
Vector Insertion
Chr 1: 84836544 - 84877666
Public Clones (sanger) D159G06 (ggtc) D087G01 (ggtc) E115A12 (ggtc) D135C10 (ggtc)
E072A06 (ggtc) CMHD-GT_522A10-5S (cmhd) CMHD-GT_304E3-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_234D5-3 (cmhd)
CMHD-GT_498C11-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_171C3-3S (cmhd) CMHD-GT_260F5-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_513E8-3 (cmhd)
CMHD-GT_403H9-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_443H9-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_343A12-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_540F2-5S (cmhd)
CMHD-GT_180G7-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_513C5-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_424B2-3 (cmhd) FHCRC-GT-S23-2B1 (fhcrc)
FHCRC-GT-S11-4C1 (fhcrc) PST12543-NL (escells) IST10754B9 (tigm) IST11112D8 (tigm)
IST12335A4 (tigm) IST13615G1 (tigm) IST14525H2 (tigm) IST10049A2 (tigm)
IST10343C6 (tigm) IST11039B2 (tigm) IST12074E10 (tigm) IST13237G5 (tigm)
IST12503E9 (tigm) IST12429F12 (tigm) IST14381C11 (tigm) IST10837E1 (tigm)
IST10290F4 (tigm) IST11444F7 (tigm) IST13828E6 (tigm) IST11658C12 (tigm)
IST14217H6 (tigm) IST15011H2 (tigm) IST12063E5 (tigm) IST12965A7 (tigm)
IST10612E9 (tigm) IST10156B4 (tigm) IST14505E2 (tigm) IST12358G3 (tigm)
IST13911E1 (tigm) IST10175A5 (tigm) IST14565E6 (tigm) IST10617F4 (tigm)
IST15112B5 (tigm) IST12559F9 (tigm) IST12969B2 (tigm) IST14561H10 (tigm)
IST15055C3 (tigm) IST10747C8 (tigm) IST11405H11 (tigm) IST15025E5 (tigm)
IST14754G7 (tigm) IST12000C12 (tigm) IST11115C5 (tigm) IST14653D10 (tigm)
IST14680F12 (tigm) IST11064C5 (tigm) IST10247E11 (tigm) IST14082E4 (tigm)
IST14112B11 (tigm) IST14498H10 (tigm) IST13241E3 (tigm) IST10879D10 (tigm)
IST10565D6 (tigm) IST12339A10 (tigm) IST10549D1 (tigm) IST12953D8 (tigm)
IST14121F8 (tigm) IST13746E5 (tigm) IST14891F4 (tigm) IST14784C4 (tigm)
IST12355A4 (tigm) IST10909C12 (tigm) IST11593E9 (tigm) IST12002A3 (tigm)
IST13398C7 (tigm) IST12384D10 (tigm) IST14465D5 (tigm) IST10407E6 (tigm)
IST12397A5 (tigm) IST14259A12 (tigm) IST11793A9 (tigm) IST14408B12 (tigm)
IST10501F11 (tigm) IST12788G1 (tigm) IST10368D5 (tigm) IST12023B2 (tigm)
IST11204B11 (tigm) IST11551E12 (tigm) IST12032F1 (tigm) IST10338D3 (tigm)
IST11829F11 (tigm) IST14094E8 (tigm) IST13185G2 (tigm) IST12633A10 (tigm)
IST13289H2 (tigm) IST14035H8 (tigm) IST11541H4 (tigm) IST14719E8 (tigm)
IST14886B10 (tigm) IST12767G1 (tigm) IST14255B11 (tigm) IST10543E10 (tigm)
IST13963E10 (tigm) IST13784D9 (tigm) IST11457D2 (tigm) IST14289F3 (tigm)
IST12863B11 (tigm) IST10125B4 (tigm) IST14182H5 (tigm) IST11300C8 (tigm)
IST13192G6 (tigm) IST10909H4 (tigm) IST10900C1 (tigm) IST12472A8 (tigm)
IST12921D11 (tigm) IST12943E10 (tigm) IST14021C1 (tigm) IST13706E10 (tigm)
IST11494C1 (tigm) IST14305E12 (tigm) IST11468A4 (tigm) IST12083H9 (tigm)
IST14179B10 (tigm) IST14913B9 (tigm) IST15056B12 (tigm) IST13260A12 (tigm)
IST15086F10 (tigm) IST14262H5 (tigm) IST13857H8 (tigm) IST10342G11 (tigm)
IST13681E10 (tigm) IST14796E9 (tigm) IST12146C4 (tigm) IST12889D6 (tigm)
IST10305B11 (tigm) IST14162C12 (tigm) IST14121B3 (tigm) IST12668G4 (tigm)
IST13531B2 (tigm) IST13503F5 (tigm) IST10368H12 (tigm) IST10226E5 (tigm)
IST10834H3 (tigm) IST11102D8 (tigm) IST12461F3 (tigm) IST10934A5 (tigm)
IST13360A9 (tigm) IST14516F7 (tigm) IST13087C3 (tigm) IST10246B9 (tigm)
IST10572E7 (tigm) IST10811A11 (tigm) IST10356E12 (tigm) IST13158D6 (tigm)
IST14278A11 (tigm) IST13293C3 (tigm) IST12129D1 (tigm) IST11547B12 (tigm)
IST10839C8 (tigm) IST14691F2 (tigm) IST14791H11 (tigm) IST10316D4 (tigm)
IST10871B10 (tigm) IST10315E10 (tigm) IST12537E9 (tigm) IST11051G12 (tigm)
IST13632H12 (tigm) IST14806H2 (tigm) IST15060C8 (tigm) IST11651C3 (tigm)
IST10836G11 (tigm) IST14521B4 (tigm) IST14833C4 (tigm) IST10197C12 (tigm)
IST11078F6 (tigm) IST14703H12 (tigm) IST13636F1 (tigm) IST11402E9 (tigm)
IST10900D7 (tigm) IST10762G6 (tigm) IST10104A9 (tigm) IST10466D12 (tigm)
IST10762H10 (tigm) IST13123F6 (tigm) IST12258A7 (tigm) IST14900F3 (tigm)
IST11356E12 (tigm) IST10047B4 (tigm) IST14347A5 (tigm) IST11816A6 (tigm)
IST14332A7 (tigm) IST13257F6 (tigm) IST14798H2 (tigm) IST13119C11 (tigm)
IST12384C10 (tigm) IST14210H5 (tigm) IST12237C7 (tigm) IST11868B9 (tigm)
IST10961H5 (tigm) IST12760A10 (tigm) IST13342E4 (tigm) IST11078H5 (tigm)
IST13644G10 (tigm) IST14981D9 (tigm) IST13947G11 (tigm) IST14176G10 (tigm)
IST10911F5 (tigm) IST13479G9 (tigm) IST12417D12 (tigm) IST14577C11 (tigm)
IST14553C8 (tigm) IST15074H11 (tigm) IST12036G3 (tigm) IST11488E7 (tigm)
IST10220D6 (tigm) IST12669F7 (tigm) IST15068F8 (tigm) IST14269F9 (tigm)
IST11171G5 (tigm) IST10810H3 (tigm) IST11745D3 (tigm) IST10263A12 (tigm)
IST12232C10 (tigm) IST13113D4 (tigm) IST12481A10 (tigm) IST13396F8 (tigm)
IST15055E11 (tigm) IST14674B4 (tigm) IST10313A1 (tigm) IST11014D3 (tigm)
IST10177H11 (tigm) IST14119G5 (tigm) IST11250H3 (tigm) IST13172B2 (tigm)
IST12294E5 (tigm) IST14299E10 (tigm) IST11638A11 (tigm) IST10973D2 (tigm)
IST10244B6 (tigm) IST12836A2 (tigm) IST12492F11 (tigm) IST13918D5 (tigm)
IST12593B5 (tigm) IST14141B5 (tigm) IST11401D6 (tigm) IST11437B11 (tigm)
IST11775G5 (tigm) IST12107F3 (tigm) IST12455A9 (tigm) IST11549F4 (tigm)
IST13137G11 (tigm) IST13233C2 (tigm) IST11873C6 (tigm) IST13155G9 (tigm)
IST11359G10 (tigm) IST10907C5 (tigm) IST12950B10 (tigm) IST13659B10 (tigm)
IST14667E6 (tigm) IST14959A1 (tigm) IST14165B8 (tigm) IST14259H5 (tigm)
IST11736H11 (tigm) IST12273E8 (tigm) IST14716B11 (tigm) IST10749E8 (tigm)
IST14926H11 (tigm) IST10250E4 (tigm) IST11797F4 (tigm) IST10485H5 (tigm)
IST12846G1 (tigm) IST10462A9 (tigm) IST10410F3 (tigm) IST10837G2 (tigm)
IST11348H6 (tigm) IST11972E12 (tigm) IST11865D12 (tigm) IST10446C9 (tigm)
IST13103C8 (tigm) IST10082F8 (tigm) IST13186F7 (tigm) IST11266C2 (tigm)
IST14046G5 (tigm) IST11006H5 (tigm) IST11435C9 (tigm) IST14759D1 (tigm)
IST13885G4 (tigm) IST13961F2 (tigm) IST14415B5 (tigm) IST10398H10 (tigm)
IST13202C10 (tigm) IST14975F3 (tigm) IST10958G11 (tigm) IST11508A9 (tigm)
IST14189A12 (tigm) IST13046A9 (tigm) IST10564F12 (tigm) IST14734D7 (tigm)
IST10026B3 (tigm) IST12347F9 (tigm) IST12986E3 (tigm) IST14862A1 (tigm)
IST14179A12 (tigm) IST11529E8 (tigm) IST10829E12 (tigm) IST12556C7 (tigm)
IST10075A9 (tigm) IST14549F2 (tigm) IST12839G3 (tigm) IST12674B4 (tigm)
IST14375B5 (tigm) IST10210A9 (tigm) IST12422F10 (tigm) IST12304H4 (tigm)
IST14511F12 (tigm) IST11586F9 (tigm) IST14625G7 (tigm) IST12977D3 (tigm)
IST10480F6 (tigm) IST10018H8 (tigm) IST14363B5 (tigm) IST11807C1 (tigm)
IST10920G9 (tigm) IST14601B11 (tigm) IST10673D11 (tigm) IST10945D2 (tigm)
IST13909C10 (tigm) IST10445E11 (tigm) IST13718F11 (tigm) IST13697H11 (tigm)
IST10365A7 (tigm) IST13373D2 (tigm) IST12346C6 (tigm) IST10072C9 (tigm)
IST11056G5 (tigm) IST14003F11 (tigm) IST14732A1 (tigm) IST14701D1 (tigm)
IST14902C10 (tigm) IST11623C11 (tigm) IST14344G8 (tigm) IST12830F1 (tigm)
IST14843H8 (tigm) IST11533E8 (tigm) IST12013C2 (tigm) IST11111C7 (tigm)
IST13237E8 (tigm) IST10854G7 (tigm) IST14886G3 (tigm) IST10228C6 (tigm)
IST10663D8 (tigm) IST10219G10 (tigm) IST10210A4 (tigm) IST10063C6 (tigm)
IST13435A6 (tigm) IST14129C6 (tigm) IST13759H3 (tigm) IST11731D11 (tigm)
IST11336B11 (tigm) IST14720A5 (tigm) IST11534E8 (tigm) IST11579F6 (tigm)
IST10439H2 (tigm) IST10085B11 (tigm) IST14317F6 (tigm) IST13976F3 (tigm)
IST14157D2 (tigm) IST14903G6 (tigm) IST13169F8 (tigm) IST11688H11 (tigm)
IST13094E7 (tigm) IST14757E6 (tigm) IST11839F6 (tigm) IST14432H9 (tigm)
IST15029B7 (tigm) IST13969A6 (tigm)
Private Clones OST441339 (lexicon) OST378009 (lexicon) OST337959 (lexicon) OST334187 (lexicon)
OST330133 (lexicon) OST321305 (lexicon) OST320504 (lexicon) OST318883 (lexicon)
OST299861 (lexicon) OST299196 (lexicon) OST293865 (lexicon) OST292035 (lexicon)
OST287673 (lexicon) OST281949 (lexicon) OST280286 (lexicon) OST276905 (lexicon)
OST275721 (lexicon) OST275420 (lexicon) OST273448 (lexicon) OST263229 (lexicon)
OST260882 (lexicon) OST248811 (lexicon) OST240233 (lexicon) OST232813 (lexicon)
OST225699 (lexicon) OST218830 (lexicon) OST210206 (lexicon) OST204126 (lexicon)
OST190854 (lexicon) OST188288 (lexicon) OST182601 (lexicon) OST173950 (lexicon)
OST173497 (lexicon) OST167999 (lexicon) OST154476 (lexicon) OST148474 (lexicon)
OST142154 (lexicon) OST137832 (lexicon) OST132037 (lexicon) OST130015 (lexicon)
OST129735 (lexicon) OST129639 (lexicon) OST122750 (lexicon) OST91563 (lexicon)
OST81108 (lexicon) OST65369 (lexicon) OST45661 (lexicon) OST37122 (lexicon)
OST36999 (lexicon) OST34894 (lexicon) OST34509 (lexicon) OST33593 (lexicon)
OST33292 (lexicon) OST32798 (lexicon) OST17201 (lexicon) OST3051 (lexicon)
Severity of mutation (?) Insertion after 17% of polypeptide chain
Proposed experimental design for vector insertion validation (?)

UniTrap UNI13863
Vector Insertion
Chr 1: 84877776 - 84893064
Public Clones CMHD-GT_171C3-3 (cmhd) (cmhd) CMHD-GT_121C3-3 (cmhd) CMHD-GT_219C2-3 (cmhd)
CMHD-GT_509C6-3 (cmhd) FHCRC-GT-S10-7D1 (fhcrc) IST14798B7 (tigm) IST11103H8 (tigm)
IST12468H5 (tigm) IST12059G7 (tigm) IST14752B7 (tigm) IST10207C9BBF1 (tigm)
IST14887E3 (tigm) IST11038F6 (tigm) IST10351F6 (tigm) IST12332F6 (tigm)
IST12331H6 (tigm) IST11631G9 (tigm) IST11093H8 (tigm) IST12847B6 (tigm)
IST11892D10 (tigm) IST10142F6 (tigm) IST15054E6 (tigm) IST14421G11 (tigm)
IST11038F6BBF1 (tigm) IST14460H9 (tigm) IST15092A10 (tigm) IST14630F8 (tigm)
IST12534D2 (tigm) IST10767H10 (tigm) IST11322E6 (tigm) IST10921H11 (tigm)
IST14254D2 (tigm) IST10207C9 (tigm) IST12411C6 (tigm) IST12262F1 (tigm)
IST10017A6BBR1 (tigm) IST13271C2 (tigm) IST10606B4 (tigm) IST10447B7 (tigm)
Private Clones OST464907 (lexicon) OST464766 (lexicon) OST464365 (lexicon) OST463653 (lexicon)
OST456673 (lexicon) OST456472 (lexicon) OST455662 (lexicon) OST453540 (lexicon)
OST453464 (lexicon) OST450906 (lexicon) OST450156 (lexicon) OST449015 (lexicon)
OST448772 (lexicon) OST445277 (lexicon) OST443710 (lexicon) OST442087 (lexicon)
OST440611 (lexicon) OST439427 (lexicon) OST438337 (lexicon) OST437322 (lexicon)
OST435796 (lexicon) OST433862 (lexicon) OST433752 (lexicon) OST431353 (lexicon)
OST429499 (lexicon) OST425181 (lexicon) OST425177 (lexicon) OST425155 (lexicon)
OST418719 (lexicon) OST416739 (lexicon) OST416678 (lexicon) OST414370 (lexicon)
OST412178 (lexicon) OST405695 (lexicon) OST405590 (lexicon) OST404276 (lexicon)
OST403603 (lexicon) OST401073 (lexicon) OST390807 (lexicon) OST390496 (lexicon)
OST389171 (lexicon) OST388473 (lexicon) OST384987 (lexicon) OST378139 (lexicon)
OST377269 (lexicon) OST374595 (lexicon) OST368337 (lexicon) OST366578 (lexicon)
OST353753 (lexicon) OST353609 (lexicon) OST352087 (lexicon) OST351736 (lexicon)
OST347337 (lexicon) OST347264 (lexicon) OST346999 (lexicon) OST346377 (lexicon)
OST346007 (lexicon) OST345875 (lexicon) OST339308 (lexicon) OST335368 (lexicon)
OST334911 (lexicon) OST333335 (lexicon) OST330966 (lexicon) OST326366 (lexicon)
OST321695 (lexicon) OST319690 (lexicon) OST319242 (lexicon) OST315683 (lexicon)
OST315109 (lexicon) OST314334 (lexicon) OST309217 (lexicon) OST309186 (lexicon)
OST307867 (lexicon) OST307043 (lexicon) OST306547 (lexicon) OST299230 (lexicon)
OST292963 (lexicon) OST291382 (lexicon) OST290823 (lexicon) OST290050 (lexicon)
OST289130 (lexicon) OST288545 (lexicon) OST288514 (lexicon) OST286374 (lexicon)
OST285388 (lexicon) OST285191 (lexicon) OST283044 (lexicon) OST281406 (lexicon)
OST280127 (lexicon) OST278142 (lexicon) OST277050 (lexicon) OST275293 (lexicon)
OST274292 (lexicon) OST271115 (lexicon) OST270596 (lexicon) OST269798 (lexicon)
OST261569 (lexicon) OST256822 (lexicon) OST255983 (lexicon) OST255003 (lexicon)
OST254655 (lexicon) OST251741 (lexicon) OST247921 (lexicon) OST246808 (lexicon)
OST245480 (lexicon) OST244737 (lexicon) OST244694 (lexicon) OST242828 (lexicon)
OST240021 (lexicon) OST235597 (lexicon) OST233247 (lexicon) OST231402 (lexicon)
OST226031 (lexicon) OST214761 (lexicon) OST213035 (lexicon) OST211146 (lexicon)
OST209322 (lexicon) OST209276 (lexicon) OST208768 (lexicon) OST207416 (lexicon)
OST207228 (lexicon) OST207138 (lexicon) OST206783 (lexicon) OST205949 (lexicon)
OST204076 (lexicon) OST203322 (lexicon) OST201888 (lexicon) OST199655 (lexicon)
OST197720 (lexicon) OST195063 (lexicon) OST192379 (lexicon) OST190842 (lexicon)
OST189085 (lexicon) OST188893 (lexicon) OST184428 (lexicon) OST183846 (lexicon)
OST183811 (lexicon) OST182518 (lexicon) OST182366 (lexicon) OST181812 (lexicon)
OST179058 (lexicon) OST177585 (lexicon) OST176800 (lexicon) OST176087 (lexicon)
OST175526 (lexicon) OST172602 (lexicon) OST168775 (lexicon) OST168410 (lexicon)
OST167374 (lexicon) OST159247 (lexicon) OST152219 (lexicon) OST148118 (lexicon)
OST142142 (lexicon) OST141638 (lexicon) OST139489 (lexicon) OST137022 (lexicon)
OST132447 (lexicon) OST129089 (lexicon) OST126573 (lexicon) OST125093 (lexicon)
OST113447 (lexicon) OST100421 (lexicon) OST99900 (lexicon) OST98199 (lexicon)
OST95901 (lexicon) OST83721 (lexicon) OST79789 (lexicon) OST78844 (lexicon)
OST74364 (lexicon) OST68884 (lexicon) OST65371 (lexicon) OST63306 (lexicon)
OST61470 (lexicon) OST59108 (lexicon) OST58023 (lexicon) OST54434 (lexicon)
OST48272 (lexicon) OST43064 (lexicon) OST31808 (lexicon) OST31530 (lexicon)
OST27912 (lexicon) OST27236 (lexicon) OST25472 (lexicon) OST23972 (lexicon)
OST21690 (lexicon) OST20708 (lexicon) OST17162 (lexicon) OST15944 (lexicon)
OST8467 (lexicon) OST8444 (lexicon) OST8329 (lexicon) OST7276 (lexicon)
OST6937 (lexicon) OST6754 (lexicon) OST6057 (lexicon) OST5678 (lexicon)
OST5604 (lexicon) OST372 (lexicon)
Severity of mutation (?) Insertion after 37% of polypeptide chain
Proposed experimental design for vector insertion validation (?)

UniTrap UNI19123
Vector Insertion
Chr 1: 84893238 - 84896571
Public Clones not available
Private Clones OST404066 (lexicon) OST371358 (lexicon) OST336240 (lexicon) OST309572 (lexicon)
OST302464 (lexicon) OST302257 (lexicon) OST285145 (lexicon) OST282968 (lexicon)
OST277066 (lexicon) OST266338 (lexicon) OST250041 (lexicon) OST242501 (lexicon)
OST213655 (lexicon) OST208530 (lexicon) OST207723 (lexicon) OST200220 (lexicon)
OST200068 (lexicon) OST194555 (lexicon) OST193274 (lexicon) OST191938 (lexicon)
OST185822 (lexicon) OST184858 (lexicon) OST183002 (lexicon) OST139122 (lexicon)
OST126377 (lexicon) OST108075 (lexicon) OST88167 (lexicon) OST71396 (lexicon)
OST50129 (lexicon)
Severity of mutation (?) Insertion after 67% of polypeptide chain
Proposed experimental design for vector insertion validation (?)

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